Lisa Fields Casting, is a premier, bi-costal casting company that lends its services to film, television, commercials, music videos and theatre. Lisa has cast some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies and collaborated with some of the industry’s leading filmmakers for over twenty-five years. In that time, Lisa has earned the respect of directors, studios and advertising agencies alike. Past collaborations have included:

Michael Bay, Jason Blum, Jerry Bruckheimer, Joe Carnahan, Jon Favreau, Sam Raimi, Marc Forester, Marcus Nispel, Phil Joanou, Ron Howard, Katherine Bigelow, Tim Burton and Shawn Levy.

Recently, Lisa Fields Casting has branched out into theatre. This is the office’s newest adventure. Lisa Fields Casting brings together powerhouse ensembles with a commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Lisa and her team hunt for the highest caliber of talent to meet your exact casting needs. The combined efforts of the office provides a fresh perspective in hopes to better diversify Hollywood. Lisa is honored to be associated with the Casting Society of America and proud to be a part of their continued efforts to better enhance the entertainment industry.

Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles 2
The Purge
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Friday The 13th
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Amityville Horror
Pearl Harbor
Coyote Ugly
The Rock
Bad Boys

Film / TV



  • Directors worked with include:
    • Michael Bay
    • Joe Carnahan
    • Jake Scott
    • Marc Forster
    • Phil Joanou
    • Steve Buscemi
    • Larry Charles
    • Rupert Wainwright
    • Sam Bayer
    • Ron Howard
    • Katherine Bigelow
    • The Strause Brothers
    • Josh & Xander
    • Jon Favreau
    • Gary Johns
    • David Dobkin
    • George Jecel
    • Isaiah Seret
    • Jeff Corman
    • John Immesoete
    • John Landis
    • John Mastromonaco
    • Tim Burton
    • Shawn Levy
    • Sam Raimi
    • Marcus Nispel
    • Jesse Dylan
    • Kuntz & Maguire
    • Malcolm Venville
    • Marcus Raboy
    • Mathias Van Heiginingen
    • McG
    • Michael Haussman
    • Michael Karbelnikoff
    • Paul Dekto
    • Pavel Sale
    • Simon Wes
    • Tarsem Sing
    • Tony Kay
    • Traktor Kier McFarlan
    • Jonathan Liebesman
    • Wong Kar Wa
    • Kinka Usher
    • Paul Hunter
    • Matthew Cullen
    • Jeff & Tim Cronenweth

A collection of some of our most recent commercials:

Target "Thanksgiving Color Story"

dir. Daniel Skoglund

Target "Halloween Fun House, Yum House"

dir. Mathew Cullen and Chris Riehl

Metlife "Workforce"

dir. Josh & Xander

Nationwide “Songs For All Your Sides” ft Rachel Platten

dir. Josh & Xander

Nationwide “Songs For All Your Sides” ft Brad Paisley

dir. Josh & Xander

Nationwide “Songs For All Your Sides” ft Leslie Odom Jr.

dir. Josh & Xander


dir. Marc Forster

Taco Bell

dir. Phil Joanou

2016 Chevy Malibu and Cruze

dir. Sam Raimi

Duracell for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

dir. Shawn Levy

Visit Seattle

Carmax - Tiger

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - Leather Crafting

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - Dibs

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - Guacamole

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - No Obligations

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - The Seven Stages

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - Computers

dir. Shawn Levy

Carmax - Yogurt

dir. Shawn Levy

Trolli Gummy Candy v1

dir. Mason Nicoll

Trolli Gummy Candy v2

dir. Mason Nicoll

Trolli Gummy Candy v3

dir. Mason Nicoll

Dell ‘Desk Jockey Jerry’

dir. Ace Norton

Dell ‘Meeting Maker Megan’

dir. Ace Norton

Dell ‘Omnibus’

dir. Ace Norton

Dell ‘Dial-in Debra’

dir. Ace Norton

Dell ‘Highly Specialized Henry’

dir. Ace Norton

Dell ‘Frequently Flying Frank’

dir. Ace Norton

The Hunting Ground, Unacceptable Acceptance PSA

dir. Brewer

Be The Batman

dir. Jeff & Tim Croneweth

Diet Mountain Dew

dir. Tony Scott


dir. Michael Bay

Burger King

dir. Michael Bay


dir. Phil Jonaou

Mercedes Christmas v1

dir. Phil Joanou

Mercedes Christmas v2

dir. Phil Joanou


dir. Phil Joanou

Disney Theme Park China

dir. Rob Cohen

American Express

dir. Antony Hoffman

Oil of Olay

dir. Sarah Marandi


dir. Matthew Cullen


dir. Phil Joanou


dir. Jon Favreau


dir. Michael Haussman

Taco Bell

dir. Martin Krejci

Coors Light

dir. Dave Myers


dir. Jon Favreau


dir. Phil Joanou

American Express

dir. Antony Hoffman


dir. Jeffrey Plansker


dir. Dave Meyers

Clos Du Bois

dir. Steph Green


Music Videos

Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know

dir. David Dobkin

Maroon 5 - Sugar

dir. David Dobkins

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

dir. Mark Romanek

Lady Gaga - Judas

dir. Laurieann Gibson & Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Marry The Night

dir. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - You And I

dir. Laurieann Gibson


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Lisa Fields CSA, Owner and Founder

Chad Eric Murnane CSA, Casting Associate

Faith Abraham Casting Assistant

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